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PV Time Trial #3 @ region south course

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Member Since:

Jun 03, 2013



Goal Type:

Highschool Champ

Running Accomplishments:

Freshman Year Bests

  • 400m- 1:03 (4x400 split in Snow Canyon All-comers)
  • 800m- 2:16.22 (Region 9 Champs)
  • 1600m- 4:56.03 (Snow Canyon Last Chance Qualifier)
  • 3200m- 10:37.62 (Region 9 Champs)
  • XC 2 mile- 11:45 (PV Time Trial #4)
  • XC 3 mile- 17:47.4 (Cedar Invite)
  • XC 5K- 18:40.9 (Nike Southwest Regionals)
  • Half Marathon- 1:23:30 (Dogtown Half)

Sophomore Year Bests

  • 100m- 12.9 (workout on 4/27)
  • 200m- 28.5 (workout on 4/27)
  • 400m- 1:02 (Hurricane All-comers)
  • 800m- 2:16.48 (Hurricane All-comers)
  • 1600m- 4:50.45 (Ultraspire Distance Carnival)
  • 3200m- 10:03.33 (Region 9 Championships)
  • XC 2 mile- 10:20 (Woodbridge Classic 2 mile split)
  • XC 3 mile- 15:42.0 (Woodbridge Classic)
  • XC 5K- 17:03 (Nike Southwest Regionals)

Junior Year Bests

  • 400m- 1:00 (400 split of 800 @ Herriman Invite)
  • 800m- 2:14 (800 split of 1600m region)
  • 1600m- 4:38.78 (Region 9 Championships)
  • 3200m- 9:58.98 (Orem Trials)
  • XC 2 mile- 10:23.38 (PV Time Trial #3)
  • XC 3 mile- 15:33.9 (Cedar Invite)
  • XC 5K- 16:08 (Nike Southwest Regionals)
  • Half Marathon- 1:16:12 (Dogtown Half)

Senior Year Bests

  • 400m- 56.64 (PV Decathlon)
  • 800m- 2:11.25 (Hurricane Invite)
  • 1600m- 4:32.38 (PV Invite)
  • 3200m- 9:51.36 (State Chamionships)
  • XC 2 mile- 10:02.7 (Dual in the Desert) SCHOOL COURSE RECORD 
  • XC 3 mile- 15:31 (PVXC Autumn Classic)
  • XC 5K- 16:13 (Nike Southwest Regionals)

Short-Term Running Goals:

-Break the PVHS 3200m record(9:27.12)

-Break the PVHS 1600m record(4:18.7?)

-Break the PVHS XC 2 mile record(10:13)

-Break 15 min in a 3 mile

Long-Term Running Goals:

-Run many marathons and half marathons

-Dont get fat when i serve a lds mission 



I am Dallen Gillespie, and I am a graduated from Pine View in 2017. I love Southern Utah's outdoor features. I am LDS and am going to go serve the Lord on a mission and will be going to the Chile Osorno Mission. I now leave September 26th because Church Headquarters said so. So thats fun.

Favorite Blogs:

Miles:This week: 0.00 Month: 0.00 Year: 0.00
Asics Extreme33 Lifetime Miles: 346.82
Barefoot Lifetime Miles: 135.46
Saucony Carrera XC Lifetime Miles: 102.55
Brooks Pure-Cadence 2 Lifetime Miles: 435.30
Brooks Pure-Connect 3 Lifetime Miles: 418.94
Saucony Kinvara 5 (teal) Lifetime Miles: 561.80
Saucony Kinvara 6 (blue/green) Lifetime Miles: 708.54
Nike Zoom Pegasus 31 Lifetime Miles: 311.46
Nike Zoom Pegasus 32 Lifetime Miles: 111.57
Nike LunarTempo 2 (red) Lifetime Miles: 56.24
Saucony Kinvara 6 (orange) Lifetime Miles: 624.70
Saucony Carrera XC 2 Lifetime Miles: 3.94
New Balance Zante V2 Breathe (green/white) Lifetime Miles: 58.09
New Balance Tester #3 (trail) Lifetime Miles: 4.20
Saucony Kinvara 7 (orange) Lifetime Miles: 4.00
Total Distance
Saucony Kinvara 5 (teal) Miles: 16.30Saucony Carrera XC Miles: 5.60Saucony Kinvara 6 (blue/green) Miles: 18.80Barefoot Miles: 3.85Brooks Pure-Cadence 2 Miles: 8.05
Total Distance

am- 12 miles/ 90 min with 2x(1,2,1 min farkleks with 4 min rec). SICKEST RUN EVER!!!! So Mitch, Andrew, Braden and I met at the roundabout for the prospector trail and then dropped off a car at the end of the trail in Red Cliffs Reserve AND yes!!!!! We ran the whole Prospector trail!!!! Oh my gosh, best thing ever. I felt sooo good and just let myself enjoy the amazing weather of St. George this morning at 7am. Wow, seriously my favorite run ever. Hands down. Solid run and Braden did a pretty decent job of goin with us on most of the fartleks so props to that guy! After the run we were stretching and this dude like floors it in reverse just to come back the road and tell us he saw his first rattlesnake this morning. Hahaha oh man it just cracked me up!

WORD OF THE DAY: today's word is "temple" cause yesterday I walked around it with some buddies and this very attractive senior girl and cheer captain Sara Hancock asked me for my number!! Wow that was pretty awesome. The Temple is most holy place and building/structure on the face of this earth. And it is also the sides of your forehead where your optic nerves connect your eyeballs to your brain! Ex: My brother lost a 1/4 of his sight in his left eye cause he got hit in the temple by Andrew's dad when they were playing Ultimate Frisbee.   

Saucony Kinvara 5 (teal) Miles: 12.00
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Race: PV Time Trial #3 @ region south course (2 Miles) 00:10:23, Place overall: 2
Total Distance

am- all the team is at rest cause it is recovery week

pm- 8.6 miles/ 60 min, Time Trial warm/cool and then 2x800s w/ 3min rec. What a day!! I going to homecoming, I danced with this very attractive girl in my social dance(btw, she is not the only attractive one though!), I got challenged to eat a jalapeño from a special needs kid(his name is Colton and he is such an awesome kid), and I went and raced a great race at the time trial. The weather was definitely not as good as the last time trial, but it was still good. The race was definitely different though. This time it was really just me and Nick leading the whole race which was a bummer that we didn't get a rotation going with everybody but the team seemed to be a lil' tired. Anywho, the last lap coming back up, Nick breaks away when we were starting to come back up. I caught back up but on the hill at 500 left he broke away. I had a strong finish and kept Skylar off. hehehe Skylar! jk Skylar is a beast! I love that guy. after the workout was good and yeah.

WORD OF THE DAY: today's word is "Dad" cause it's my Dads birthday!! Wow I don't know if I am as close to anyone besides my dad. He is such a great guy. Dad is the father of the family and prosides over the family. Ex: I love my dad.

Saucony Carrera XC Miles: 2.60Saucony Kinvara 6 (blue/green) Miles: 6.00
Total Distance

pm- 3.85 miles/ 30 min E barefoot grassrun. Today was a beast grass run at Sandstone. We ran up to the bank and running center to get money in and to give the receipt to Steve so we can get our varsity shorts. The run was good. I am nervous for the APUSH test tomorrow.

Barefoot Miles: 3.85
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Total Distance

am- 4.05 miles/ 31 min E. Good morning and the fire on Pine Valley Mountain makes me cry! 

pm- 4.3 miles/ 25 min E with 4x200's pre-race. Nice chill run around the neighborhood. I feel pretty good. Passed the APUSH test so that was good. 

team party at Bushar's casa! What a party! Thanks to the Bushar's because they are awesome for letting us crash at their house!

Brooks Pure-Cadence 2 Miles: 4.05Saucony Kinvara 5 (teal) Miles: 4.30
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Race: Murray Cross Invite 2015 (3 Miles) 00:16:50, Place overall: 29
Total Distance

am- 4 miles/ 30 min E. Good morning and it is race-day!!

pm- 8 miles/ 60 min Murray Invite with warm/cool. Wow what a race!! So the race starts and I just get right on Nick cause that is what Coach said to do. I was right behind him for the first mile and then him and the lead pack broke away and my stomach felt like it was getting sqeezed. I got passed by like 15 people during mile 2 and a half. Then Mitch passed me at like 600 meters left and yelled at me. We went up the hill and then with 300 meters left I just felt decent so I went for it. I passed almost all the dudes who passed me before and passed 5 dudes in the last 10 meters. It was so beast. Not the best overall race, but definitely my best finish and best start. Good learning experience and I'm looking forward to Nebo in a couple weeks.

Saucony Carrera XC Miles: 3.00Brooks Pure-Cadence 2 Miles: 4.00Saucony Kinvara 6 (blue/green) Miles: 5.00
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Total Distance

am- 7.8 miles/ 60 min new state course runthrough. 1,2,3,1,2,3,1,2 min farkleks with 2 min rec. The new state course is pretty kewl actually! We ran it just chill the first time through and then did farkleks the second time through and backwards for half. I honestly felt tired but halfway decent at the same time. Good workout and good run. 

Goals for next week: Stay healthy, get reading better in APUSH and AP psych and Sacred Hoops and Scriptures, and also remember to do my RHR.

Saucony Kinvara 6 (blue/green) Miles: 7.80
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Total Distance
Saucony Kinvara 5 (teal) Miles: 16.30Saucony Carrera XC Miles: 5.60Saucony Kinvara 6 (blue/green) Miles: 18.80Barefoot Miles: 3.85Brooks Pure-Cadence 2 Miles: 8.05
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