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January 2017

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Member Since:

Jun 03, 2013



Goal Type:

Highschool Champ

Running Accomplishments:

Freshman Year Bests

  • 400m- 1:03 (4x400 split in Snow Canyon All-comers)
  • 800m- 2:16.22 (Region 9 Champs)
  • 1600m- 4:56.03 (Snow Canyon Last Chance Qualifier)
  • 3200m- 10:37.62 (Region 9 Champs)
  • XC 2 mile- 11:45 (PV Time Trial #4)
  • XC 3 mile- 17:47.4 (Cedar Invite)
  • XC 5K- 18:40.9 (Nike Southwest Regionals)
  • Half Marathon- 1:23:30 (Dogtown Half)

Sophomore Year Bests

  • 100m- 12.9 (workout on 4/27)
  • 200m- 28.5 (workout on 4/27)
  • 400m- 1:02 (Hurricane All-comers)
  • 800m- 2:16.48 (Hurricane All-comers)
  • 1600m- 4:50.45 (Ultraspire Distance Carnival)
  • 3200m- 10:03.33 (Region 9 Championships)
  • XC 2 mile- 10:20 (Woodbridge Classic 2 mile split)
  • XC 3 mile- 15:42.0 (Woodbridge Classic)
  • XC 5K- 17:03 (Nike Southwest Regionals)

Junior Year Bests

  • 400m- 1:00 (400 split of 800 @ Herriman Invite)
  • 800m- 2:14 (800 split of 1600m region)
  • 1600m- 4:38.78 (Region 9 Championships)
  • 3200m- 9:58.98 (Orem Trials)
  • XC 2 mile- 10:23.38 (PV Time Trial #3)
  • XC 3 mile- 15:33.9 (Cedar Invite)
  • XC 5K- 16:08 (Nike Southwest Regionals)
  • Half Marathon- 1:16:12 (Dogtown Half)

Senior Year Bests

  • 400m- 56.64 (PV Decathlon)
  • 800m- 2:11.25 (Hurricane Invite)
  • 1600m- 4:32.38 (PV Invite)
  • 3200m- 9:51.36 (State Chamionships)
  • XC 2 mile- 10:02.7 (Dual in the Desert) SCHOOL COURSE RECORD 
  • XC 3 mile- 15:31 (PVXC Autumn Classic)
  • XC 5K- 16:13 (Nike Southwest Regionals)

Short-Term Running Goals:

-Break the PVHS 3200m record(9:27.12)

-Break the PVHS 1600m record(4:18.7?)

-Break the PVHS XC 2 mile record(10:13)

-Break 15 min in a 3 mile

Long-Term Running Goals:

-Run many marathons and half marathons

-Dont get fat when i serve a lds mission 



I am Dallen Gillespie, and I am a graduated from Pine View in 2017. I love Southern Utah's outdoor features. I am LDS and am going to go serve the Lord on a mission and will be going to the Chile Osorno Mission. I now leave September 26th because Church Headquarters said so. So thats fun.

Favorite Blogs:

Miles:This week: 0.00 Month: 0.00 Year: 0.00
Asics Extreme33 Lifetime Miles: 346.82
Barefoot Lifetime Miles: 135.46
Saucony Carrera XC Lifetime Miles: 102.55
Brooks Pure-Cadence 2 Lifetime Miles: 435.30
Brooks Pure-Connect 3 Lifetime Miles: 418.94
Saucony Kinvara 5 (teal) Lifetime Miles: 561.80
Saucony Kinvara 6 (blue/green) Lifetime Miles: 708.54
Nike Zoom Pegasus 31 Lifetime Miles: 311.46
Nike Zoom Pegasus 32 Lifetime Miles: 111.57
Nike LunarTempo 2 (red) Lifetime Miles: 56.24
Saucony Kinvara 6 (orange) Lifetime Miles: 624.70
Saucony Carrera XC 2 Lifetime Miles: 3.94
New Balance Zante V2 Breathe (green/white) Lifetime Miles: 58.09
New Balance Tester #3 (trail) Lifetime Miles: 4.20
Saucony Kinvara 7 (orange) Lifetime Miles: 4.00
Total Distance
Saucony Kinvara 6 (orange) Miles: 66.08Barefoot Miles: 5.11Brooks Pure-Cadence 2 Miles: 19.08Asics Extreme33 Miles: 13.13Nike Zoom Pegasus 32 Miles: 20.73Saucony Carrera XC 2 Miles: 1.19Saucony Kinvara 6 (blue/green) Miles: 39.96Nike Zoom Pegasus 31 Miles: 24.60Nike LunarTempo 2 (red) Miles: 8.33
Total Distance

pm- I ran this when we got home from Salt Lake, too cold to do my 90 minute run. I just ran out on Telegraph, came down to Sullivan and out to the Staheli farm and then headed over to the bridge and back to my house. No knee brace, but I did feel a little pain during the stretch from Sullivan to the hill with that only house on top. Other than that, it was good but very exhausting. Pickups were good, just had them in the 5:50s each time, felt good except for the last 2 minuter.

Saucony Kinvara 6 (orange) Miles: 12.18
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Total Distance

pm- Great run, I went out right when the sun was setting so it was beautiful outside. I ran with my dog Oreo for 10min, then ran over to the high school for the grass part. I wore the knee brace today cause the knee had been hurting a bit today. Probably from the many miles the day before. The pain worked out though so that was good. Nice and peaceful, I love being back to the cool weather of St. Geezy.

Barefoot Miles: 3.11Brooks Pure-Cadence 2 Miles: 3.43
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Total Distance

am- Met up with Mitch and Xander and ran Ice House. Always a good time to run with my bros and talk about whatever. 60 minute run and is was glorious....on the downhill;) Naw the uphill was good too, it was just hard to talk to each other when you are breathing hard. The weather was great though and our dreams that we had in the last couple days were wildly epic. Ha yah that was the run in a wrap, oh and after I got some dope pants from Target. Yep.

Asics Extreme33 Miles: 6.92
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Total Distance

pm- 8.55 miles/ 60 minute run; Hills w/ 15 min warm, 5x1min hill + 1x85sec hill w/jog down rec and extra min after 3rd, cool to time (Old Man Hills).

Great run today. Wore the knee brace, probably coulda gone without. I am feeling good, its just weird having the knee still inflammed and no or very little pain. The workout went well anywho, some nice strong pushes up the Old Man hill, paces were 5:25, 5:20, 5:15, 5:10, 5:15, and finished the last rep with 5:10. Felt good. After we finished we dropped down over to the trail by the car wash and Maverick and looped back to the high school. 

Interesting Factoid: First day back to school and Mitch is in my new seminary class. Freakin dope.

Nike Zoom Pegasus 32 Miles: 8.55
Total Distance

pm- 8.24 miles/ 60 min total-- 6 min Test; 20 warm/cool to time w/ 4-8xStriders.

Good run today, 6 minute test went well, we started slow, 1:10 for the first lap but then me and Mitch and Carson got goin. Carson took the lead, I went to follow and then my legs didnt agree. But I was happy with how I did. Good starting point for me. I went 1919 meters for the 6 minutes which was good. Mitch was right in front of me and Xander right with me. Carson was like a good 80 meters ahead. He is gonna kill it this season. After the test, we just ran around and finished with striders. And there is snow here so thats weird.

Saucony Kinvara 6 (orange) Miles: 7.05Saucony Carrera XC 2 Miles: 1.19
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Total Distance

pm- 10.6 miles/ 75 minute  Aerobic Run w/ negative split (just increase tempo last half of run)

Nice nighttime run. I went out into Washington and down to the fields and back. Pace was 7:15 out, 6:52 back. Felt good

Saucony Kinvara 6 (blue/green) Miles: 10.60
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Total Distance

pm- 12.18 miles/ 85 minutes-- Aerobic Run w/ 3x(1min, 1min, 2min pick-ups w/ 5min rec between reps and sets)

Todays run was freaking exhausting. I was soo pooped. Got home and layed around for a while cause i was tired. Yah.


Nike Zoom Pegasus 32 Miles: 12.18
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Total Distance

pm- 5.05 miles/ 45 minute easy run.

Today we drove over to the airport hill and ran Temple Quarry trail. It was really good actually. I am not sore at all from yesterday so that was like awesomeness.

Interesting Factoid: I got astigmatism in my right eye which makes it so I gotta wear glasses.

Brooks Pure-Cadence 2 Miles: 5.05
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Total Distance

pm- 8.05 miles/ 60 minute-- 10 min warm/ 3x1min tempo pace, 3x1min threshold pace, lap rec, 2(5x30sec CV pace) with lap rec between sets, 3x1min threshold pace, 3x1min tempo pace. 10 min cool. 

Today was pretty nice. All sorts of different paces and stuff. So basically it was to help us get use to paces and also each different pace we focused on a different part of our form to have perfect so that was good. I felt really good today, and the wind was something new but its good, gotta get use to it since its there all the time. All the paces were right on, maybe a little fast so I gotta watch that next time but good workout altogether.

Interesting Factoid: If you cut a grape in half but leave the skin attached at the bottom and put it in a microwave on a plate for like 10 seconds, it will make a little bit of plasma.

Saucony Kinvara 6 (orange) Miles: 8.05
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Total Distance

pm- 8.37 miles/ 55 minute run with striders.

Nice recovery run today, we ran out into Green Springs and looped it around the edges of the neighborhoods and back. We were just getting to Home Depot when Logans momma drove by with Logan, who literally had just got his wisdom teeth out! Oh man, she pulled over and he talked to us, it was soooo hilarious! He was freaking out about Corbin and Lil Bryan and then Mitch about who he was gonna ask to Jr Prom. haha too good. And on todays run I found 3 washers so that was awesome.

Interesting Factoid: I collect washers (like the little metal rings) on runs and I have been collecting for a year and 4 months and have 270 washers total.


Barefoot Miles: 1.00Nike Zoom Pegasus 31 Miles: 7.37
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Total Distance

Got sick. Sad day. Nothing cause I was just too sick.

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Total Distance

Well sickness is the worst. I start feeling better and then I hit a wall and it sucks. Got a fever of 103. Im hot blooded?

Total Distance

pm- 7.62 miles/ 60 minutes total;  6x1min(3@Tempo, 3@Thresh), 2x(5x30sec @CV), 6x1min(3@Thresh, 3@Tempo) equal rec w/ lap betw sets; 10 warm/cool to time.

I am alive! After a rough weekend of illness again, I am back. I ran the workout with the guys, it was chill and I was feeling good(?) to do it. Haha I really was feeling good enough except for my cough so I grabbed my water bottle and ended up running with that to keep the cough down. All the paces were on point and yah. I am ready to start back up getting rolling.

Interesting Factoid: I desire to live a pescatarian lifestyle one day.

Saucony Kinvara 6 (orange) Miles: 7.62
Total Distance

pm- 6.23 miles/ 50 min E.

I couldn't find my watch so I ran without one today. I just got mileage from Colts blog cause he gots a garmin. Good run out into Dogtown and looped around. Alex lead us since it is his bday today. Poor guy had his car stolen yesterday. Had his debit card in it and so he got swiddled a couple bucks too. Rip to humanity. Oh and Xander and Nathan and I found a prospective homeless hangout in a tunnel. Dope hangout too. My legs are feeling it since I havent ran cause of sickness. Rip. Oh well, ya gotta start somewhere.

Nike Zoom Pegasus 31 Miles: 6.23
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Total Distance

am- 2 miles/ 15 min E with weights.

Nice chill morn and weights was good. I love working out.

pm- 9.05 miles/ 63 min total; 20 warm, 25 min tempo, and cool to time.

Good time at the run. I was nervous for the tempo, I didnt know how I would do but it ended up great! I felt great til the last 3 minutes and I just tried to focus on form so it ended up good. I gotta stretch though cause I am sore rn. 

Interesting Factoid: Someone put a llama on craigs list and they are from St George. The price was free!

Nike Zoom Pegasus 31 Miles: 2.00Saucony Kinvara 6 (orange) Miles: 9.05
Total Distance

pm- 6.6 miles/ 45 min easy with striders

Today was freaking cold. I was dead from coldness. We ran out to Green Springs and back. Yah it was cold by the way.

Brooks Pure-Cadence 2 Miles: 6.60
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Total Distance

pm- 8.79 miles/ 65 min with negative split 2nd half of run.

I was feeling sore so I did the lower half of minutes, plus my momma was saying I need to chill to try to finish off the cough from my flu I had.

Saucony Kinvara 6 (orange) Miles: 8.79
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Total Distance

pm- 13.34 miles/ 95 min run with 1,2,1,3,1,3 min pickups with 3 min rec between each.

Longest run ever for me!!! It was a dandy one too. Didnt feel that long but whatevs. I was super hurting after our last pickup with like 25 minutes left of the run. But I was inspired by Colton, who was struggling but still pushing with us, to keep on keepin on. We had some great conversations about the gymnastics at SUU and how boss they are, about when I was in 7th grade and Devo(my older bro) told Coach about how I was scared of running late at night cause I was scared of the "homos" that could snatch me up! hahahaha oh man, that is one hecka funny story. I was innocent and got homos and hobos mixed up. It happens! ha and Dev had said back to me when I said the homo thing, "well hobos can be homos too!"


Saucony Kinvara 6 (orange) Miles: 13.34
Total Distance

am- 2 miles/ 15 min E with weights

Just the regular thing, I am a little sore from yesterdays run.

pm- 6.21 miles/ 50 min E trail run.

Nice chill trail run out at Dino Tracks. We did an out-and-back cause the loop was pretty short. I felt good. The uphills were sore but thats just life;)


Asics Extreme33 Miles: 6.21Brooks Pure-Cadence 2 Miles: 2.00
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Total Distance

pm- 8.2 miles/ 60 min total;  6x1min(3@Tempo, 3@Thresh), 5x1min @CV, 6x1min(3@Thresh, 3@Tempo) equal rec w/ lap betw sets; 10 warm/cool to time.

Today was good, I hit right on all my paces. Good times and good weather? It's pretty cold. I am slowly getting used to it though. 

Saucony Kinvara 6 (blue/green) Miles: 8.20
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Total Distance

am- 2 miles/ 15 min E with weights.

Regular thing. I woke up late by 15 minutes but got everything in real quick before everyone left for the run.

pm- 9.33 miles/ 65 min hilly run including striders.

I had to run on my own cause I had a dentist appointment at 3. I just ran Foremaster and then hopped onto the river trail that took me over to the Waterfall and then went up industrial to the high school, did my striders and then ran home. I missed church ball cause I had HW so thats sad.

Rec league team on a 3-game win streak, trying to finish off the season with a winning record. We at 3-3 rn. I am hoping to practice some free throws cause I sucked at those our last game.

DOPEST THING: the dentist has this dope new laser machine that does the fillling for my teeth. And it can cut off the nasty gums stuff you can build up on the sides of your cheeks and when it lasers it off it automatically heals. It's legendary. Dr. Denos for Pres everybody;)

Barefoot Miles: 1.00Brooks Pure-Cadence 2 Miles: 2.00Nike LunarTempo 2 (red) Miles: 8.33
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Total Distance

pm- 9.41 miles/ 65 min run, 15-20min E, 25-28min at Easy Tempo, cool to time.

Great tempo, we were rolling. 6:10 pace was what we were at for 28 min, supposed to be 6:20 but we got excitable. oops

Saucony Kinvara 6 (blue/green) Miles: 9.41
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Total Distance

pm- 9 miles/ 70 min run.

My watch died right when I was about to run, and I was starting from the Rec Center because we had just finished our rec ball game, and season actually. So I just looked at the clock at the rec, and then ran til I thought was good and got home and went a few more minutes with my dog. I was having really bad ambdominal pain and so I didnt go the whole 80 minutes. I also figured out why and that is because I am eating too much fiber.

Nike Zoom Pegasus 31 Miles: 9.00
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Total Distance

pm- 11.75 miles/ 85 min  Aerobic Run w/ 1,2,1,3,1,3min pick-ups w/ 3min rec between reps.

Today was a good run. We went out on Telegraph and looped up to the Green Springs area by going up the hill by Maverick. The pick ups were swell. I was hurting only at the end, like last 5 minutes.

Saucony Kinvara 6 (blue/green) Miles: 11.75
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Total Distance
Saucony Kinvara 6 (orange) Miles: 66.08Barefoot Miles: 5.11Brooks Pure-Cadence 2 Miles: 19.08Asics Extreme33 Miles: 13.13Nike Zoom Pegasus 32 Miles: 20.73Saucony Carrera XC 2 Miles: 1.19Saucony Kinvara 6 (blue/green) Miles: 39.96Nike Zoom Pegasus 31 Miles: 24.60Nike LunarTempo 2 (red) Miles: 8.33
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